Soda Fountain, Deutschtown, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016 ( Tmax 100, Yashica T4)

Soda Fountain, Deutschtown, Pittsburgh, PA, 2016 (Tmax 100, Yashica T4)

About J. Ryan Miller


For me, shooting photos and learning about the art (and craft) of photography filled a space in my creative life that was left open when I moved to Columbus.  Working backwards from cell phone camera, through digital cameras; to film SLRs, and finally point-and-shoot 35mm cameras, I followed a deconstructionist approach to technique and composition to a point of freeing myself of the constrictions of “too much technology”.  Taking these experiments and ways into consideration, I began to re-investigate previous modes; things like street, portraiture, and even commercial photography.  I’m currently interested in shooting more people and their environments, whether from a performance standpoint or classic portrait photography.

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